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It so happens that each of us has his own view of this not quite clear, but always a wonderful world. Well, there is such a country as Equestria. From Latin, equus means horse. In this world have won the supremacy of ponies. In principle, also horses, just a little.nnAnd other inhabitants of Equestria want to grab their share of power. They're cloven-hoofed too, but they're as intelligent as ponies. They're cows, they're Buffalo, they're zebras. Yes, even a magical country inhabited by creatures quite magical: fantastic griffins, scary Manticore... and there are simple squirrels and hares, owls and bears, and quite earlier domestic cats with dogs.nnIt seems to be as usual. Here only inhabitants of this world are not aware that even in the sunrise and the appearance in the night sky of the moon meet a specific person – the sisters Celestia and Luna. And the weather Pegasi responsible. Even the seasons can change, if you approach it with a scientific approach. When it is necessary – to scatter snow when it is desirable to organize the rainbow. That's just for it will still have to pay. Most likely, it will make the main characters. Or not?

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