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In the world there are many services-simple and special – that are on guard order. But analogues of the one in which our heroes are, certainly not. After all, they do not protect anything, but time, and to be very precise – the events that have occurred or may occur. And the trouble with the trio more than enough, because the opponents are not asleep. Time travel provides a huge range of opportunities to get rich or to take possession of something valuable. So decides and the main villain of the series, which comes to mind is to change the past and enjoy the fruits of his actions in the present. After all, he already knows what will happen – so why not use this knowledge? However, any changes and games with past events are fraught with unpredictable consequences. So that approach because nothing bad will happen if I just..." will not work here. Sometimes it is easier to prevent a crime against time than to predict its consequences – this is what a team of professionals of three people, ready to fight back the attacker.

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