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According to reliable sources, in the history of Brazil, only once was the loudest financial scandal in the country. In the center of the plot is a drug dealer and investigators who are tasked to watch them. Besides the fact that the man is a drug Lord, so also suspected of money laundering. In addition, this" anti-hero " is addressed not only by large companies, but even politicians and representatives of state structures. Since it was almost impossible to prove the drug dealer's involvement, he could only be followed. What it turned out, was at the center of the global scandal. That appears to corrupt the scale of struck its scope. It turned out that everyone was involved in financial fraud, from small criminals to servants of the law and congressmen. The public learned about it and mass riots began all over the country. Naturally, the task was complicated by the fact that there was no one to trust, and the one who got used to the familiar warm place with money, was not going to leave them. Life is in danger because even colleagues can not be trusted.

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