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It would seem that films about the occupation of one country by another in the genre of "alternative history" are a thing of the past with the Cold war, when they were popular. However, the lack of understanding on many questions between Russia and the West, and then another, and the return of the Crimea back to them. This is evidenced by the series "Occupied", based on the idea of Norwegian crime novelist Jo nesbГё.nnThe action takes place in the near future. In Norway, the green party comes to power. Consistent with its primary mission, environmental protection, the new government decides to stop hydrocarbon production in the North sea. Russia, it would seem, can only rejoice at the competitor's self-removal. But in the story, such a step northerners jeopardizes the import of Russian gas. In addition, huge deposits are without development, and therefore without a host.nnAs a result, Russia decides to take part of Norway under its protectorate. Our "polite green men" occupy administrative buildings in Norwegian cities and establish new power. Since the EU does not protest the actions of our country, the old local authorities surrender without a fight. So, it's up to the people's heroes who have to throw the invaders into the North sea.

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