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Did you know that the best commandos come out of penguins? At least, the brave four of these animals from the new York zoo believes so. Meet their names are Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private. Basically, they protect the order in the vicinity of the zoo, but sometimes selected and unfamiliar territory.nnThe head of the self-proclaimed penguin special team is the Skipper. He really has experience in warfare, and rather big. Rico is a miner who is trusted by everyone with regard to fireworks and all other explosions with fires. Yes, it is in itself explosive individual. Kowalski is the brain of the group: he is resourceful and inventive, will find a way out in the most difficult situation. Well, where without the soul of the team-Private: this guy any problem in a moment will turn into a joke, besides good breaks locks.nnAs a rule, Madagascar penguins find their own adventures on their wings. The guys got desperate: the most difficult mission they can do. And even when the horizon appears a new neighbor – the restless king Julian, they are not saved. However, they will have to carry out their special operations not only in the zoo, but also in the subway and in the city sewer.

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