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The main characters of the serial animated series "Pinky and the Brain" – two white mice, which experimented in some terribly secret laboratory. After another experiment on their genome, mice got amazing abilities – they began to think intelligently and even learned to Express their thoughts in human language. However, the laboratory they were not told about this, but something came up.nnIn fact, up to the brain, received the outstanding intelligence – no wonder his name is translated as Brains. Not being exchanged, he decided to act globally and to conquer the world. Pinky's friend is ready to help him achieve this task. This hero is not as smart as his friend, even, on the contrary, rather stupid, but incredibly lucky. The two of them will put the whole world on the ears.nnAt the beginning of each episode, brain comes up with a new brilliant plan to capture all-planetary power. Pinkie's plan didn't really understand, but believe other and passionately supports it. Mice secretly escape from the cage and go on a new exciting journey. During their travels, they visit not only different countries (managed to get to Russia), but also time periods. So difficult to meet a character from the pages of a history textbook for them all is not.

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