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Eight centuries old city Norrisville and, in particular, its educational institution is guarded by shadow warriors. A new defender is elected every four years. This happens in complete secrecy, but because norrisville don't even know to whom they owe their peace of mind. After all, ninjas protect them not only, and not so much from street criminals and other earthly criminals, but from all sorts of otherworldly evil, ranging from evil spirits and ending with powerful dark magicians.nnThis time the hero of the series "Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja" becomes an ordinary ninth-grader named Randy Cunningham. He is new to norrisville high school, so it is not entirely clear why he is given such a high honor. And, to be honest, does not make the impression of the hero kid – athletic physique can not boast, besides some timid.nnBut as soon as Randy puts on a mask of the Japanese shadow warrior, adding a red scarf, he is transformed. And then he is not afraid of the most terrible sorcerers. The young man's life is now divided into two parts. In one he is a super warrior, responsible for the peace of the inhabitants of Norrisville. In the other-the usual teenager with ordinary for this age problems-from bad assessments until misunderstandings counterparts.

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