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"Street Ripper" tells the incredible and horrifying events that occurred in ancient London in 1889. It was this year that became a rock, separating the peaceful and peaceful life of the then inhabitants from the real hell! In East London, a serial killer appeared. It's not just a couple of victims and the news in the local paper. Things are much worse. Because of the particular cruelty, immorality and perversity, the newly minted killer was nicknamed the Ripper. He has a special handwriting that can't be confused with other murders. The city in horror and panic, because this maniac was here! His handwriting was seen on the bodies of criminals years earlier, after which he disappeared for a while from the East End. Here he comes again. The notorious Jack the Ripper, who can not catch the authorities, catches up with panic on all residents. His return was bright. Tourists who decide to visit the site of the previous murders of Jack the Ripper, discover the fresh corpse of a beautiful woman. Her face is cut by numerous wounds, and on the wall of the blood displayed frightening inscription. All of this plunges into shock not only roadways guys, but all local residents. Bloody murder of the prostitute becomes only the beginning of the forthcoming horror. A Scotland Yard inspector named Edmund Rick is assigned to investigate the murder. The authorities set him a goal not only to find the criminal as soon as possible, but also to calm everyone's fear and hysteria. This is not easy, because the game enters the basic instinct-to save his own life, which is why the panic in the city is growing. And Jack the Ripper is clever and cunning, not so easy to track down. "Street Ripper" watch online in good quality for free gives you a feel for the atmosphere of the time. London, in a small street who do not even have lights. All the realities of life are shown without understatement: girls who sell themselves, state-banned fights, constant danger, bordering on death. And the team of investigator Rick walks the streets on foot, only occasionally using a small police cab. To sow goodness and justice. Saving people is not easy. Especially when poverty dictates its own rules: dirt and blood gradually flow into all parts of human communication. And it will take a lot of endurance, faith in the good and cold equanimity of the mind to reveal the main thing, saving as many lives. Life is built on contrasts. However, there is something that unites absolutely all the people of old London-the desire for a better life. And each seeks different ways.

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