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Everyone has the right to see dreams, where he can consider different fantasies. The two main characters of the series are in love, but because of class inequality, they can not be together. Bulut is the heir of the family business and manages the textile industry. His lover named elif dreams of a career in modeling. At the moment when the two characters met, they had feelings. However, love will have to go through many trials and after what they are destined to go through together, who knows whether they will be able to stay together.

elif among other things, it is difficult to get along with her stepmother, who wants to marry her stepdaughter to an older man. The desire of the girl, the woman does not take into account, as marriage seems beneficial to her. The father can not help anything, because he is unemployed and does not bring money. About half-sister and say nothing, because she is still a schemer, and brother windy and unreliable. In family owing to this not all in order. But when fate provides a chance to be happy, she realizes that she can not give up. The man at this time, too, disorder, as his mother believes that he should marry the girl of their circle of friends. The hero is familiar with one of the girls from 10 years, and she is going to marry him no matter what.