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  • Genres:
  • Drama
In addition to the usual world for us there is another. It is referred to as shinga, and it is not easy to live in people, and other creatures, magic is created and its laws are established. For a long time it is an exceptional world, but this state of Affairs is not to everyone's taste. The reign of the Emperor many begin to question, why the secret way in the Shing brewing revolution. Against the foundations that have become boring and the sole rule of boring all the lords are the werewolves that joined forces with the vampires and are now ready to go to war on everyone who is against their desire to sit on the throne of his representative. The main instigators are six soldiers, headed by Nobunaga ODA, which contains the habits of the dictator. His closest aide and confidant speaks Hideoshi Toyotomi, after all, among the entire six most skilfully managed in oratory and has a tenacious mind. Additionally, deuces among the ruling team consists of a cool and always calm Kenshin Uesugi weighted Shingen Takeda, Masamune date, different from the others a little bit of pride that caused his situation and a bit uptight and insecure Yukimura Sanada. Gathered for the revolution, the army consists exclusively of those soldiers that are ready to give their lives for an idea, for the desire to exalt to the throne of the new ruler. They will not retreat and will not lower their banners, but will willingly sacrifice themselves for the sake of a common victory. At this time, somewhere in the real world, familiar to us, a young girl named Yuzuki receives a mysterious message on her phone. In a strange way, opening it she moved in Shingu, being right on the battlefield. In the heat of it almost deprived of life, but from death Uzuki saves Khaleesi, who soon learns that the girl has magical blood with a number of healing properties and is perhaps the real gift from heaven.

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