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The heroine of a romantic anime "Akagami no Shirayukihime" is a commoner named Shirayuki. Nature has awarded the girl two main gifts-the talent of herbalist and hair as red as the most ripe on the tree liquid Apple. Due to the rare color of her hair and noticed Prince native to heroine of the Kingdom of Tambaran named Raji. The people did not like the young ruler for his stupidity and bad temper.nnTrouble Shirayuki Raji desired to make her his concubine. The girl does not aspire to the Palace, and even in sticky paws-minded people. So she cut off his gorgeous hair and left Tambaran, having gone to the neighboring Kingdom of klarins. Raving through the woods, she met a cute young man named Zen. As it turned out, her new friend was the youngest of the princes of that state.nnPaths of young people then, not just crossed. So, Shirayuki have been able to save Xena after the boy ate the Apple pumped full of poison. No wonder the girl was in training with the court physician. After that, the young herbalist and the younger Prince began to see each other more often. Between the characters just could not break the feeling. However, not all of their romantic relationship came to their liking.