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Brian mills is a former Colombian liaison officer who recently left the hot spot. Then at the arisen conflict with criminal authority, he destroyed his son. No punishment from the head of the criminal organization did not follow, but since then in the soul of the protagonist forever appeared anxiety for their loved ones. Returning to his hometown, Brian does not think to contact the military service, which had a strong impact on his future. Now he is far from military events and trying to establish a peaceful life. Mills has no lover, and his parents hope that very soon he will meet his only one with whom he can create a family. But for now the most important girl in his entourage is his sister Kylie, who lives in a Dorm and going to College. One day Brian goes on a trip to his parents with his sister. In the train car, he notices suspicious men who sit at the nearest stop. Their behavior causes him suspicion and then in the head mills born dangerous plan. He will play ahead of the curve and try to neutralize the criminals who were mistaken for terrorists in the TV series "Hostage" watch online. Savvy and skills that were obtained by him in the service, help him to identify criminals. So, there is a shoot out and eventually one of the bullets fired at one of the mercenaries falls in Kylie. With the minutes Brian understood, that they not for good reason chose precisely this sacrifice and the, whom the hero moved a path many years ago, decides to act. He comes to his parents ' house for a funeral and immediately notices a van with unknown people, which is parked at the side of the road. Trying to figure it all out, he gets injured and misses them. Someone's been spying on him and listening to his phone. Fearing for the lives of his family, he decides to leave his parents ' house and go on the run. This is the only way Brian can escape from surveillance and hide from unknown people who are watching him. But the main character of the series "Hostage" in good quality does not know that they have long established surveillance of him and will pursue him wherever he is. CIA offers him to become one of the secret agents, which will be entrusted with a special mission. Reincarnated as an operative, mills is again forced to plunge into the underworld, while discovering a new unexpected abilities.

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