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In the old days, the Arcadia Empire was famous for its power and grandeur. In the then ruling monarchy, Lux was a Prince, and in addition, an excellent warrior in Drag ride. But, five years ago there was a revolt, and the power was overthrown.nIn a monarchy a new Kingdom Princess is a beauty named Lizart. But she, as a commoner, lives in a hostel for girls, in the bathroom of which Lux once accidentally saw her naked. Of course, this is unacceptable, and in anger Princess is abandoning: fighting challenge.nDrag Ride is an armored weapon that is found in the ruins of ancient civilizations all over the Earth. At one time Lux masterfully owned It and was the owner of the Drag-Ride of the divine nature, called Bahamut. Then the young man wore the title of " Strongest knight of the resistance." But then he changed tactics, moving away in combat from attacking technology. Since it is called the "weakest Undefeated". But how the rest of the battle Lissart with the Suite?

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