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Not everyone gets a second chance. The heroine of the foreign series in the best world such a chance just got despite the fact that it could not be distinguished in good deeds and say that the girl has a good heart. All that girl is just money and nothing more. For the sake of money, she agrees to absolutely everything and no conscience and regret will not stop her. To deceive someone? Easy, she'll do it and won't blush a bit. For their actions and behavior Eleanor never worried or worried. She was sure the truth was on her side.

In the existence of the afterlife of the heroine of the series never believed therefore can not have thought about it. She was on everything except myself and their money to care. One day, one day, something happened that caused her to doubt the correctness. Death is revealed to her an unknown side of the coin, about which she never knew. It was the death revealed to her what she never knew existed.

the Truth was harsh. Eleanor learned that life in the hereafter does exist, and she will not be as rosy as in the world among the living. It's good that she got a good angel in the accompaniment which allowed the heroine of the series to correct the situation. Looking at yourself from the outside she realized just how disgusting and vile she did in life.