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Robert durst-an elderly successful billionaire, who made a huge fortune over the years of hard work. Once he started from the bottom, over time, having managed to turn a small business into a real financial Empire with him at the head. But the stunning success of the protagonist lies not only in good diplomacy skills and related luck: the businessman was accused of murder, and when the police failed to collect enough evidence for the arrest, they began to dig for him further, learning a lot of unpleasant secrets about the life of the rich man. Blackmail, intimidation, elimination of competitors and other crimes were attributed to him, although he stubbornly denied everything, which helped to avoid punishment.

but, 30 years later, an aged entrepreneur decided to finally reveal all the secrets of the long-standing investigation and tell the truth, whether he is guilty of all that he was credited. And how exactly did you manage to develop your company in those days when the success of the enterprise depended on strength and connections? The documentary series includes informative police files and searches for journalists, as well as interviews with the real Durst, who gave exclusive recognition to the world about his own past.

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