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The main character named Miriam happened to be born in a Jewish family, where everyone always adheres to the established rules and traditions that are passed on by their people from generation to generation for many decades. They do not allow girls to deviate from the planned and all of them are waiting for the same fate, at least at the very beginning, when only their formation occurs. All the rules of Miriam and other Jewish girl goes to school, that's just the maximum that it has rights to, is the level of knowledge of the College. All the rest, higher education institutions are designed exclusively for boys, girls, in turn, after graduation should get married. Their further goals are simple – to give birth to as many children as possible, take care of them and their spouse, maintain cleanliness and order in their monastery, and do everything to prepare for the Yom Kippur holiday. Miriam despite their personal desires, sacrificing them, as it was brought up by her parents and following all the prescribed rules, getting married and after giving birth to her husband two children. There is also an unspoken rule to share the Hobbies of her husband and husband Miriam is such a stand-up. That is why she often spends time in the club, where he speaks to the General public. Soon, however, she finds out that her husband was stealing jokes from other comedians, and not at all in love with her, because secretly sleeping with another woman. Being in a broken state, Miriam hurries to his parents to share this news with them, but they only shrug. After that, the girl gets drunk, and her feet are entered in the same club where she goes on stage and taken to improvise on the move. The audience for her performance hit the spot, so one of the famous comedians offers her joint work that radically changes the life of Miriam.

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