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Ordinary, nothing not remarkable the fate of was very different a boy named Papyrus. He was just a fisherman's dream. Every day he helped his parents, tried to be an obedient child and never caused trouble among relatives. Of course, in the shower, like every teenager, he hoped that someday he will be able to become a member of exciting, maybe even dangerous adventures. One day he really had the opportunity. The gods decided to make him the chosen one, seeing and appreciating his brave, courageous character, intelligence and perspicacity. the adventures of Papyrus begin in Ancient Egypt. It is ruled by the greatest Pharaoh Merenre. However, looming over him a terrible danger. The forces of evil have risen, which are building insidious plans to capture and enslave the civilian population. Understand the powerful ruler that can't handle him alone. After all too much around turned out to be traitors, able only to build suspense. The only honest, devoted man, whom he can trust unconditionally, becomes his daughter – Princess Aunt-Sheri. That she, along with the Papyrus must now embark on the protection of civilians and to save the country from the insidious enemies.

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