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Everyone has ever dreamed of a time machine and imagined how it is transferred somewhere in the unpredictable future or sometimes covered with darkness past. The main characters are relatively lucky and they have tried the action of this miracle machine on itself, initially not even knowing what I'm doing and not believing that this is even possible. Four dark-skinned friends just went into the Elevator, and came out of it in an unexpected 1920 for them. Very soon it becomes clear to guys that they got to not the best time for themselves, after all in this period in the territory of States racism successfully prospered. However, the friends quickly find out, in addition to problems associated with skin color, these times will also be remembered for the birth and development of jazz. Guys love this direction of music, because the passion for it in their blood, so very quickly find application to their talents and begin to perform. This allows them to avoid problems with local black haters, as well as to have at least some money while they are entirely trying to repair the Elevator, which should return them back. That's only if music is given to them easily, exact Sciences, like mechanics, no. Therefore, the project to repair the time machine friends attract one of the most promising scientists, hoping that at least he will help them.

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