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In the distant future, humanity suddenly faced the problem of extinction and scientists were able to create a unique scheme through which people were able to change everything. Thus, the consciousness of the people of the future is transferred to the brain of a person who lived in the XXI century. Each such traveler in the past is given the opportunity to move into the brain of those who in a couple of seconds will die for a variety of reasons. Thus, human life does not stop, but continues in a completely new consciousness. They all appear imperceptibly in the past, you want to change. The main characters will have to influence the events that eventually influenced the development of civilization and hundreds of years later led to the extinction of people. Marcy Wharton often works late and is not afraid to return home when the sun has already set over the horizon. This is due to her mental illness, which does not allow her to soberly assess the situation. One day she faces a group of bandits who beat her up and as a result of the fall she dies. The girl with mental problems, reborn in the next moment, but now her mind is controlled by the traveler with the number 3569. Trevor is a schoolboy who plays American football, and at night visits the club fights without rules, what his parents do not know. Serious blow of the rival sends him to a knockout, and at this moment his consciousness is replaced by the next traveler from the future. Drug addict Philip Pearson takes a lethal dose of toxic substances with his friend. But in contrast to that, the mind guy continues to live in new circumstances. Dark-skinned young mother Carly Shannon is beaten by her man, who almost takes her life. Having a new chance, she is forced to re-learn all the subtleties of child care, because from now on it is controlled by the traveler 3465. Each of them has its own destiny and past, which will inevitably haunt them. In addition, having moved into a new body, they do not remember any close relatives or what they were doing before rebirth. Therefore, people who arrived in the world of the past in the series "Travelers" in good quality will not only have to solve global problems that will have an impact on the future, but also to arrange the lives of those who turned out to be an involuntary subject, continuing to live in new circumstances for themselves.

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