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This series of Turkish production tells about the life of a great figure in history named Yunus Emre Tasavvuf. The poet was born almost 700 years ago, however, and such a long by our standards, the length of time is immeasurably small, if you examine the work of Yunus. Although it is worth noting the fact that a long period of time adversely affected the preservation of the author's heritage, as many facts about life and works of the poet was lost.nnBut those words of the poet, which have reached us through the centuries, can cause many delight, the desire to rethink their lives and look at everything from a different angle. Imbued with wisdom and philosophical questions, his quotes are used today as winged expressions and aphorisms.nnAs for the project, he will tell us, or rather - will show the fate of Emre: his feelings, tests and experience. All this the viewer can also feel in the work of Yunus, sparkling with happiness, love, and joy. In parallel, the poems encourage the reader to think about how quickly life goes on, and how to live it with benefit, without regretting the deed.nnWe will note that the way on The earth of the author was saturated and worthy. The poet of love, both to people and to God, learning of the mysteries and wisdom of the latter. Opening of Yunus came up to us, after nearly seven centuries. Being assembled in parts, they will surprise and interest the current generation.

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